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Environmentally friendly disposable plates & bowls for any occasion

Our range of sustainable plates and bowls are the best tableware solution for any event, café or restaurant!

Our array of palm leaf products from the Wholeleaf Co makes exceptional disposable dishware. They’re very sturdy, oven safe, suitable for liquids and even microwavable! They’re made from collected leaves which are soaked in spring water, heat pressed into shape and then dried- using no chemicals whatsoever! They’re 100% compostable and show off food in a stunning way. Each product is completely unique depending on the size, shape and colour of the leaf making you stand out from the rest!

Our sugar bagasse range of plates and bowls are made from fibrous by-product of sugarcane juice extraction. Bagasse is a renewable resource and is 100% compostable and can even be used in the microwave! They can hold hot liquids and oil based food without leaks!