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Hot food takeaway containers are the perfect eco-friendly solution for a hot, leak free, microwavable meal on the go

Our hot food takeaway containers are the perfect insulated box for any hot food. They are leak proof, preventing spillages and most are microwavable friendly.

We offer a broad selection of materials that are compostable or recyclable; from sugar cane bagasse to sustainable forest paper which are made from renewable resources with some designs including ventilation for food and soups.

Sizes are available in a wide range from 170ml to 960ml in our bio soup pots. We even offer 9 and 12 inch pizza boxes. Our packaging has been specially designed to consider end-use, so the perfect container for food on-the-go. It can also be printed to align with your brand or we can supply you with a simple and trendy design which can be printed across a range of products giving you a complete collection.